Buy CBD Hemp Clones Multiple Strains And Mother Plant

How would you like to take the guessing out of your CBD hemp seeds? Have you been testing strains searching for the perfect product to add to your CBD company?

There’s a way to eliminate the guesswork when you are searching for the best vendors and products that contain the exact chemical compounds that are on the label. Investing in the CBD industry can be very time consuming and pricy. One sure way to improve your harvests is to buy CBD hemp clones.

If you are familiar with the term “clones,” then we’ll go ahead and briefly cover a few of the most obvious advantages of purchasing wholesale CBD hemp clones.

Well, this is the guesswork that was referred to earlier, the time consuming, repetitive leg work that can be avoided. Purchasing clones provides you the benefits of instantly knowing which strain you are dealing with.

You also know its yield and strengths as well. This is because the clone is a replica of the mother plant it was taken from. Another great priceless bonus is that you can shorten the growth time by tremendous amounts if you decide to grow indoors.

CBD Hemp Clone


What are CBD hemp clones?

A CBD hemp clone is a copy of the parent plant. A clone can sprout independent roots when it is planted on its own. It’s the smaller version of a section of cannabis, the parenting plant. The sex of the hemp clone depends on the plant that is derived from.

Clones require the same growing conditions regardless of how they are grown. Mother plants must be kept in tip-top shape because clones are more prone to carrying pests or diseases from it’s mothering plants. This is partially due to the method of growing, but its a possibility either way.

What are the benefits of CBD Clones?

Clones are very consistent yet predictable due to the genetics markers; cloning is the best way to ensure that your product is grown and developed equally and consistently.

Because clones are derived from female, mother plants, gender identification is self-explanatory. One of the most common factors that usually has a hand in persuaded growers to lean more towards working with clones is the fact that cuttings from mother plants tend to grow and mature much faster than regular seed-grown plants.

Not only are clones very predictable, but they all also require the same attention, treatment, and growing conditions. This means that the care of the CBD clones may be more simple than other plants because they all coexist, and there is no need for adjustments between harvests.

CBD Seeds


You can clone seeds yourself, which can save you tons of money on purchasing wholesale products. However, this method can be a bit of a risk if you are not well educated in this area.

By purchasing regular or feminized female CBD hemp clone seeds, you can also cut a few costs as either type is relatively cheaper than buying clones.

Some experienced farmers prefer seeds over clones as the latter is not 100% effective in eliminating issues that may occur during growth. As every farmer uses different methods, several things can alter a growing harvest.

Growing from hemp seed provides a more excellent range as far as plant productivity and size as well. This method allows you to get a more deep-seated taproot, and because you receive it from the source, it matches the rest of the stalk. This is the best method if you are looking to receive the benefits and optimal levels of productivity. Key To Life Garden

  • Regular hemp seeds produce a much higher percentage of male plants because the seeds are not altered.
  • This method is also referred to as “natural” because, well, it is very much self-explanatory, but most farmers prefer to stick with regular.
  • Regular seeds are far more cost-efficient. Your canopy is far more consistent, which is very important in maximizing the performance of the seeds during the vegetative phase.
  • Providing supplements with high nutritional value can surely be beneficial in speeding up the growth of your regular hemp seeds.
  • Feminized Hemp seeds are coated with chemical compounds such as colloidal silver, silver nitrate, or silver thiosulfate to manipulate the seed’s ability to produce strictly female plants.
  • By eliminating such a significant number of potential and actual male plants, it is easier to identify and remove them. This method is far more expensive than using regular seeds.

What is Vegetative Cutting?

This is another method of cloning that involves cutting from a “mother plant.” The piece that has been removed will begin to grow its very own root system, becoming an identical copy of the original mother plant because cloning CBD is possibly one of the best methods of increasing because it has the most potential and stability to provide the most reliable consistent harvest. By utilizing this method, you allow your CBD products to grow with identical genetic markers time after time.

Vegetative cutting

During the process, the cutting is taken from the lower branches; this relatively the healthiest are of the mother plant. Growers have found that submerging the cuttings into the water, soil, or Rockwool will encourage the clone to root faster. Within one to three weeks, you will begin to see sprouting roots. This timeframe may vary based on the care that the clones are receiving and the methods that are chosen to promote rooting.

After the clones have sprouted healthy roots, the plants can finally be relocated in more mature fields. Another place for relocation is a controlled growing environment, which can allow for closer monitoring. Although this method has been proven highly effective in cloning and growing hemp, every technique has its very own challenges.

What is Feminized Seed?

Feminized seeds are a direct reference to “female” plants. Feminize seeds are bred by inducing male flowers within the female plants. During this process, the male chromosomes are eliminated male chromosomes, so that female plants are the result of cloning. Many farmers and growers prefer feminized seeds because females CBD hemp clones are the best option for quick and relatively easy cultivation.

  • Regular vs. Feminized Seed is similar to the comparison of the first cloning method that involves seeds.
  • Regular seeds are not altered in any shape form or fashion; the method is also more cost-effective and efficient as well.
  • By purchasing feminized seeds, you may be eliminating the probability of producing male plants. Still, there is also a chance that a few random male plants can be located, which can significantly affect the harvest.
  • This can only become an issue if the harvest is not double-checked, which sort of defeats the purpose of the high priced investment of purchasing feminized seeds. How Stuff Works

Vegetative cutting

Vegetative propagation is the proper term, and surely, farmers prefer to stick with “cutting.” Either way, the process is highly effective, and it’s been around for many years.

The process is relatively simple, and it works! By cutting healthy ends of the mothering plant, the terms will form a mass of non-specialized cells, which is referred to as a callus.

With proper treatment during rooting, roots will sprout, and the plant will become a replica of the plant that is derived from. And, you now have a whole new plant or harvest.

  • You can find CBD hemp clones for sale by contacting any major retailers or vendors.
  • This can be reasonably pricy, but the investment is definitely worth your time, money, and efforts if you have a reputable source to purchase from.
  • Finding hemp plants for sale is easy if you live in a rural area with farmers nearby.
  • Manufactures usually source their hemp plants, or the team with other farmers to mass-produce their products.
  • Depending on the vendor that you decide to work with, you may be dealing directly with farmers, and you may not.
  • The best way to ensure and validate your es buying wholesale hemp CBD clones is to ensure that the vendor uses a third-party testing company.

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 Where to find the best vendors?

  • Industrial Hemp Farms
  • Liquid Mellow
  • GreenBox Grown
  • Seed King
  •  DiscountPharm

Industrial Hemp Farms produces and sells very high-quality CBD products. This global brand has a large variety of inventory, and they provide wholesale CBD hemp clones. This company is fully licensed with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. You can find private label items as well. Any products that you are looking for are most likely offered in bulk as well.

Liquid Mellow is an excellent company to partner with. You can buy CBD hemp clones es and other CBD products as well at great prices. This company was one of the very first hemp farms in the United States. While you cannot purchase directly from this website, the company provides excellent resources and other means of communicating with them.

Green Box Grown is an excellent source for both THC and CBD products. The company offers limitless resources, stock images from its collection, and also detailed information on products. Aside from its endless resources, the company provides harvest supplies, grow lights, and grow tents as well. This vendor is perfect for growers and retailers at any experience level in the CBD industry.

SeedKing is a great supplier that offers wholesale and retail prices. The contents contain high levels of CBD Seeds with meager amounts of THC. You can find auto-flowering plants as well as feminized seeds as well. This is a great source to sample seeds to find what strains you would like to offer because Seedking offers the most excellent variety.

Discount Pharms is a great vendor because it tracks the growth process of its seeds from start to finish. It ensures that all female CBD hemp clones are grown in a greenhouse and closely monitored.

auto-flowering plants

It provides the option to customize seeds, purchase seed clones, and much more. The company is actively looking for wholesale clients to partner with. This is an excellent source for those who are just getting a foot into the CBD world. This vendor is beneficial and resourceful. You can find links for advertisements, educational videos, and great visuals. Edition.CNN

Why clones?

If this information was not persuasive enough, let us review a few of the reasons that you should give CBD clones a try.

Well, for starters, you can utilize the hemp clones to save you time during the germination process. If you are interested in expanding and adding more strains to your collection, using clones is a great way to get exactly what you intended to purchase.

After sampling certain strains, you can return directly to the source and purchase the clones. Again, this removes the guesswork out of the entire experience. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you are indeed getting what you bargained and paid for.

You can still opt-in for extra strain testing to ensure that the product is precisely what the label states. But, you can save yourself a little time by testing the initial samples, rest assured that the clone seedlings produce the same product.

Keep in mind that you may spend a little more money if you chose to work with feminized seeds, but you can also save time on growing your harvest. Purchasing feminized seeds greatly reduces the chance of male plants in crops. This is beneficial for those who are looking to jump right into the rooting and sprouting their harvest.

There are many ways to speed up your harvest without affecting the seeds. Clones that are grown inside greenhouses have proven to become a little faster with tender love and care.