Buy CBD Hemp Seeds – Auto-flowering , Feminized & Unfeminized

If you are interested or starting to get involved in Hemp Seeds’ wholesale, whether for selling or for your usage, in this article, you will earn all you need to about this amazing superfood.

You will learn the different types, where you can buy them/ sell them, and the many advantageous benefits of using these.

With this said, let us dive in.

A Full Guide On Hemp Seed(s): What You Need To Know

What Are Hemp Seeds (s)?

Hemp seed(s) are the seed of the hemp plant (also known as Cannabis Sativa). They are technically considered nuts and NOT seeds.

CBD Hemp Seeds

What Are The Different Types of Hemp Seed(s)?

  • Feminized Hemp Seed
  • Non-Feminized Hemp Seed
  • Autoflowering Seeds

What Is The Feminized Hemp Seed?

A Feminized Hemp Seed is a seed that will only grow female plants. It is essential to know that hemp plants can be both male or female.

However, the female hemp plant is the plant that is OFTEN (this being the operative word here) harvested at the end of the season. Male hemp plants usually die shortly after they have completed pollination.

  • Genetics of a Female Hemp Plant The female genetics of a female hemp plant can be determined by obtaining the clone or the feminized seed itself.
  • Harvest Time It usually takes around 2 to 16 weeks for the harvest time to be fully completed.
  • Potency To get the highest level of power, you will want to REMOVE the male hemp plant from the female hemp plant (especially if the male hemp plant is pollinating.
  • Germination The germination stage usually takes about 5 to 10 days. Once the seed gets watered, the plant will slowly start to pop open. Once it has popped open, what you will want to do next is placing the growing plant in it’s growing medium.
  • Spacing Female hemp plants grow at a very rapid pace. It is highly recommended that you separate the male hemp plant (the non-feminized hemp seed) from the feminized hemp plant once you have distinguished between the two. This is so the feminized hemp plant can grow at a faster pace and grow more freely.

Feminized Hemp Seed

What Is The Non-Feminized Hemp Seed?

The non-feminized hemp seed (the male hemp seed) that only rows male hemp plants.

  • Genetics Unlike the feminized hemp seed, which has long sprouts, the non-feminized hemp seed grows as a bud.
  • Harvest Time The harvesting time for the non-feminized plant is usually around 2- 10 weeks.
  • Potency To get the highest level of power with the non-feminized hemp plant, you will want to remove it from the feminized hemp plant.
  • Germination The germination process is not too dissimilar to the feminized hemp plant, lasting between 5 to 10 days. The significant difference being that the non-feminized hemp plant forms into a bud(s) and not sprouts.
  • Spacing It is HIGHLY recommended that you separate the feminized hemp seed from the non-feminized hemp plant once you have distinguished them. This is because (as we have already explained) that the non-feminized hemp plant pollinates, and this can significantly affect the growth of the non-feminized plant.

What Is The Autoflowering Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds provide you an easy as well as the rewarding harvest of high-quality hemp plants without the need to change the light cycles or even having to remove the male plants.

  • Genetics The auto-flowering seeds can be both non-feminized and feminized.
  • Harvest Time For many of the auto flowers, you can expect the harvest to be in less than 10 weeks from seed. And for the dwarfish planet, you can expect the crop to be even less. Due to the rapid harvest speed, it is not uncommon to produce two harvests in one summer.
  • Potency To gain higher potency levels, it is highly suggested to breed individual hemp plants tougher. Such as (this is just ONE example) Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa being combined with Cannabis ruderalis.


The best way to germinate the auto-flowering seeds is through:

  • Temperature
  • Water
  • Growing Medium

There are two effective methods that one can use to germinate the autoflowering seeds. These methods being:

  • Paper Tower Method
  • Natural Way Method

Learn more about the gemination methods in the link provided here.


The Autoflowering seed is an ideal seed for those who may have limited space.

Benefits of Hemp Seeds

Benefits of Hemp Seeds

  • 1. Improve your digestive health. The hemp seed is high in fiber, thus making it very beneficial or your digestive system. They are also straightforward to digest.
  • 2. Boost Mood Hemp is high in omega 3, protein, and magnesium, thus significantly be beneficial in boosting one’s mood.
  • 3. Relieve Inflammation Hemp has more chlorophyll than most seeds, thus allowing this who consume these seeds to reduce inflammation as well as detox their body.
  • 4. Rich in Magnesium Magnesium is perhaps one of the essential minerals for our health. Magnesium deficiency leads to plenty of numerous health issues, such as slow digestion, sleep patterns, depression, anxiety, low energy, headaches, and small thyroid function. Hemp contains 45% of your magnesium intake.
  • 5. High in Protein Eating healthy is a MUST to stay as healthy as possible. Having enough protein in your diet can lead to you having a stronger immune system. Hemp is chock loaded with protein and other essential minerals you will need.
  • 6. High in Omega 3 Fats Continuing with the many amazing benefits of hemp seed. Omega 3 fatty acids are great for your heart, your metabolism, as well as boosting your mood.
  • 7. Rich in potassium Potassium helps in combating bloating, cramps, muscle aches, and pain, as well as help, reduce headaches.
  • 8. Rich in B vitamins, Hemp may not be the fountain of youth, but it sure does help in stopping against. Vitamin B is great for your skin, hair, nails, digestion, and mood.
  • 9. Delicious Hemp may not be a Devil Cake, but it still is a delicious seed to incorporate in your diet.

Effects of Hemp Seeds

 Where Can I Buy CBD Hemp Seed(s) Safely?

If you are looking to purchase CBD Hemp safely, then here are a few recommendations.

Places that you can purchase CBD Hemp are (these are just a few):

Wholesale Places You May Want To Check Out

A few places that you will want to look if you are looking to purchase Hemp Seeds wholesale are:

Note: Mind you, the links we have provided are the most popular and widely visited sites. There are other sites online that you may also want to look at. But the ones we have listed are the most visited sites.

Hemp Seeds Near Me

The find Hemp Seeds near me can be a bit trickier (which is mostly due in regards to where exactly you live).

Hemp’s legal status right now in America is not that heavily restricted. And the legal situation is due much in part to the growing community. This community is the scientific and medical community, along with many activists.

The best way to find hemp near you is to:

  1.  Visit hemp farms
  2.  Speak with local farmers
  3.  Review local Hemp stores on Yelp

How To Buy

You can purchase hemp in a variety of ways. Due to the growing popularity of hemp in the last few years, it is straightforward to purchase hemp online (you can check out the links we provided above to view some online stores).

Things To Consider

A few things you will want to consider in regards to purchasing hemp.

What kind of hemp seed(s) do you want to purchase?

Remember the different types of seeds (refer back to our previous section).

kind of hemp seed(s)

What hemp tastes like?

Refer back to our befit section.

Who offers the best price?

Refer back to our where to purchase the hemp section.

What are the different ways to eat raw hemp seeds?

There are many ways to incorporate raw hemp seed(s) into your meals. You can add them to your smoothies, your pasta, your oatmeal, cereal, and so much more.

Check out this article “18 Creative and Delicious Hemp Seed Recipes” to get more creative ideas on how to incorporate hemp into your diet.

Where was the hemp grown?

Refer back to ‘how to purchase’ and ‘how to find hemp near me’ section.

Do Hemp Seed(s) have CBD in them?

Although hemp seed(s) come from the Cannabis Sativa plant, there is NO CBD or THC in them.

Do Hemp Seed(s) have cannabinoids?

As has just been written, Hemp does not contain any cannabinoids such as CBD or THC. This is one of the reasons that it is easy to purchase online LEGALLY. This is not a drug.

Do Hemp Plants grow buds?

Yes. These buds are for those plants that are non-feminized plants that grow.

How can you tell if a hemp plant is male or female?

You can distinguish between the male and female plants by the growth of the seed. Meaning is the plant grows sprouts. It is a female plant. However, if the plant grows buds, then it is — males plant.

Feel free to refer back to our previous section above on the ‘different variations of hemp plants’ for better clarity.

hemp plants

Do hemp plants smell?

Yes, they do. And it is essential to know that there are different types of smells for the different variations of plants that re being grown.

How Much Are CBD Hemp Seed Prices?

This is somewhat subjective. The price that you purchase your hemp from will be an essential factor. You must also take into account if you are purchasing single packages or wholesale packages will be more voluminous in numbers.

Is it legal to ship CBD hemp seeds in the mail?

Yes, it is.

There is a wide misconception that hemp is a drug.

That is false.

Hemp is sold in 30+ countries.

So, yes!

CBD is okay to ship CBD hemp seed(s), as this is done quite regularly.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to purchase hemp seed(s), then we hope that this guide has helped to answer any questions you may have had. And to recap hemp offers:

  • a plethora of health benefits
  • they contain NO CBD or THC
  • significantly improves physical ailments such as arthritis and muscle aches
  • easy to incorporate in your daily meal diet plans
  • no side effects
  • Hemp is a wonderful superfood which everyone should start to incorporate into their diet.