Carolina Hemp Company: Maintaining Natural Order In Product Quality

The Company At A Glance

Carolina hemp Company is a general store and wholesale distributor of hemp products. The company takes pride in providing quality hemp products. It sells sublingual oils, concentrates, vape oil, topicals, edibles, and hemp flower. Its mission is to get hemp into mainstream markets. It offers education on hemp along with its range of product offerings. The company aims to be an industry leader in production and product education. It also collaborates with the community in several initiatives.

Product Range

Carolina Hemp Company has different products that fall into four main categories. The categories are Carolina Hemp Product, Tropicals, Concentrates & Pets, Edibles, Food & Beverages, and CHC Clothing & Hemp Goods. Their Hemp Naturals Sublingual Oil comes in several variants at different prices. The inventory includes Nourish at $44.25, Support at $11.75, XO at $141.75, Pet at $74.25, and Equine at $141.75.

The sublingual oil, comprising of cannabidiol (CBD) from cannabis, is a non-psychoactive product. The company’s CBD oils offer a wide spectrum as they have compounds in a natural ratio. The natural plant composition in the product gives greater benefits to the users. CBD oil helps to reduce anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

CBD potency chart And strains


It can also improve your immune system, sleep, and digestion. Carolina Hemp Company recommends a dosage of 0.25 ml twice a day. For effective use, they recommend placing it under the tongue. But, the company advises you to pay attention to your body while adjusting the dosage.

There are several products in the hemp flower product line. Most of these go for $7.50 except the Hawaiian Haze and Cherry Pie strains that go for $40.00. The natural balance of product compounds ensures the products have a high quality. The company sources products from local farms, whose farming methods they approve of. They make an effort to keep the use of chemicals such as pesticides low. Such chemicals affect the quality of the final product.

The different strains of the hemp flower product have varying CBD concentrations. The concentrations define their effect on the user. The Cherry Blossom strain has a CBD potency of 22.4%. It provides calm and clarity. It is good for insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, pain, and muscle cramps. The potency of the Hawaiian Haze is CBD 17.89%. The product has a smooth floral taste and is perfect for social events.

People that enjoy fruity strains would fancy the Cherry Pie strain. It is best for stress and anxiety as well as excess inflammation. It has a potency of CBD 12.81%. The Bubba Kush strain has wood and citrus smell and a nutmeg aftertaste. It is best for relaxing and has a potency of CBD 13.3%.

The Elektra strain is good for relaxing. It provides physical relief, leading to restful sleep. It has a potency of CBD 14.8%. The Lifter strain, one of the staple strains, gives a gentle cerebral focus and energy. It is good for relaxation and relieving aches and pains. Its potency is CBD 16.5%.

Other strains include the Special Sauce strain with a potency of CBD 17.5%. It is good for anxiety and body aches. The Abacus strain has a potency of CBD 15.58%. It is fit for relieving stress, migraines, anxiety, nausea, and chronic pain. The Sour Space candy strain has a pungent citrus scent. It is great for managing stress, pain, and depression. Thee Cherry Wine, Cherry Uno and Box strains give a calming effect to relieve stress.

The company has a range of many products that users can choose.

Excellence In Product Delivery

Carolina Hemp Company commits to providing high-quality products to its clients. The company has a wide range of products that suit different users in different situations. Local farmers form a very important part of their production process, ensuring great quality in the products.

Carolina Hemp Company Products

Other than its products, the company also provides educational material on the use of different hemp products. through collaborations with the community, the company hopes to build a profile that would help bring hemp products to the mainstream market. Its shipping policy provides for delivery to customers within the US in 5-10 business days. For damages during shipping, claims are acceptable within 72 hours after delivery