CBD Distillate Pros & Cons – Wholesale Broad-Spectrum CBD Distillate

Many people who use hemp products as medicine use CBD distillate. But do you know the difference between it and the other hemp extracts? All the info out there can be overwhelming. We’re going to break it down and make it easy for you to understand. Here’s where you’ll learn what CBD distillate is and how to use it.

It All Starts With Hemp Oil

CBD distillate is made from hemp oil. The oil is sometimes extracted from hemp with butane or propane. But most of it is now extracted with carbon dioxide. CO2 completely evaporates from the oil after the extraction. That makes a cleaner and more natural extract.

CBD Distillate Uses

  • CBD distillate is a very pure form of cannabidiol. It is usually taken by mouth, but it can also be absorbed under the tongue or vaped. It binds to the cannabinoid receptors of the brain after it is metabolized by the liver.
  • CBD can affect many parts of the body once it is metabolized. That makes it useful for treating many different ailments and illnesses.
  • It has been shown to relieve anxiety. People who suffer from anxiety report feeling calm for hours after taking CBD distillate.

cannabis extraction process

  • Many people who have clinical depression say that they feel better and have more energy when they take distillate.
  • Recent studies show that it can prevent or lessen the number of seizures that people with epilepsy have. Research into this use of CBD distillate is ongoing.
  • Healthcare professionals have long known that CBD distillate can function as a painkiller. It is used often to treat pain caused by inflammation. There is some evidence that suggests that CBD may have fewer side effects than more common anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen.
  • Some of the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be eased by CBD distillate. Abdominal pain, cramping, and bloating may be lessened with the proper use of CBD distillate.
  • Drowsiness is often reported by people who use the cannabis plant. The presence of CBD is part of the reason that some feel sleepy after using cannabis. That’s why many find relief of insomnia with distillate. It has been shown to cause insomniacs to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Some cardiologists are looking into whether distillate may promote better heart health. They’re still looking into it and have not reached any conclusions yet. But the studies done so far are promising.

THC And CBD Distillate

Some conditions are better treated with THC. But many ailments are best treated with a combination of THC and CBD. Distillates that contain both compounds are available for treating those disorders.

Cancer can cause a lot of pain. And the treatment of cancer often involves administering synthetic drugs that can ruin the appetite. That often causes severe weight loss. Luckily, distillate that contains both THC and CBD is great for treating both of those effects of cancer and its drugs. The CBD relieves the pain, and the THC stimulates the appetite. This is just one out of many examples of the use of combination distillate.

How Is CBD Distillate Made?

  • It is made in several different ways. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Every professional technique of CBD extraction is very complicated and takes advanced knowledge and training to perform. We will look at the CO2 method and cover the basic process.
  • Legal CBD distillate is made from the hemp plant. There is a difference between hemp and marijuana. CBD made from marijuana may end up with a THC content above 0.3 percent. This would be illegal in some states.

Cannabis Distillate

  • In the CO2 method, hemp flower that has a high concentration of CBD is soaked in liquid carbon dioxide under pressure. The CO2 is a solvent that dissolves all of the active compounds in the flower and holds it. The pressure keeps the CO2 in liquid form. All of the plant matter is filtered from the solution while it is still a liquid.
  • After most of the compounds are dissolved in the liquid solution, a valve is opened to release the pressure from the flask. This causes the CO2 to return to its gaseous state. It then evaporates from the solution. What is left in the flask is raw hemp oil. It contains CBD and over 100 other active compounds found in hemp.

The oil undergoes a process called fractional distillation. You see, the different compounds in hemp oil all have different melting and boiling points. The chemists take advantage of this to separate them from the CBD.

There are several ways to get the oil out of the hemp plant in the first place. But the advantage of CO2 extraction is that there are no traces of solvent leftover in the CBD distillate. The absence of trace amounts of solvent makes it a healthier product. There is also an environmental advantage. CO2 is very common in nature. Plants breathe it and turn it into oxygen. So there is no toxic water generated with CO2 extraction.

CBD Distillate Pros And Cons

Every medicine and supplement has its pros and cons. CBD distillate is no different. Let’s take a look at the good and bad of taking CBD in this form. That way you can make an informed decision as to whether this medicine is right for you.

Here are the pros

  • The manufacturing process produces little or no waste that is harmful to the environment
  • There are no traces of potentially toxic solvents left in the distillate
  • CBD is very affordable compared to many other medicines and supplements
  • No prescription is needed
  • It doesn’t make you high
  • It has many uses
  • It is easy to take

Here Are The Cons

  • It may cause side effects like dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, and gastrointestinal discomfort
  • It is not currently regulated by the FDA. The quality of CBD distillate varies a lot because of this

CBD Distillate For Sale

Take a good look at that last con on the list above. That should give you some pause. No government agency is watching the makers of sellers of CBD distillate. A study by the University of Philadelphia School of Medicine shows that 46 percent of CBD products contain less CBD than they claim to have. 26 percent have too much of it. And some aren’t pure. It can contain too much THC. That can cause you to become intoxicated. It may also cause a positive result on a drug test.

The only real way to be sure that you’re getting CBD distillate of high quality is to buy it from a reputable company. The Ark Store is one of these reputable sellers.

CBD Distillate Benefits

So what makes The Ark Store different than the hundreds of other CBD distillate sellers? They operate like very few others do. They don’t just market their products. They grow the hemp plants on their farm. Then they extract the oil from the plants in their extraction facility. And then they make the distillate in their lab.

This is a novel approach to selling CBD distillate. Many other sellers buy their distillate from huge suppliers. They don’t know or care how their distillate is made. But controlling the manufacturing process from the germination of the hemp seed to the bottling of the distillate has several advantages.

It’s easy to assure quality this way. There are no blind spots in the process. Experts have their hands in the process every step of the way. This is how The Ark Store can assure its customers of authenticity and purity. Doing business with such a company is the only practical way to make sure you are getting what you pay for when there is no government agency to check things out for you.

The Ark Store sells CBD distillate and other forms of CBD in bulk. You can save quite a bit of money buy getting it wholesale like this.


Does CBD distillate Get You High?

No, CBD distillate does not cause intoxication. THC is the chemical in cannabis that causes a high. Professionally made CBD distillate contains only tiny trace amounts of THC.

Is CBD distillate legal?

CBD distillate is legal in every state except for Idaho and South Dakota. Check this chart to see if there are any restrictions in your state.

How Is Distillate Made?

Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant. Then all of the other compounds are removed from the oil so only the CBD is left. There are tiny amounts of some other compounds that carry over into the distillate. But these traces are usually not even detectable by the human body.

What’s The Difference Between CBD Distillate And Isolate?

CBD Distillate vs Isolate

CBD distillate is less refined than the isolate. It may contain trace amounts of THC and other compounds found in the cannabis plant. Isolate is made from the distillate. It is highly refined and contains no traces of any other compounds.

What’s The Difference Between Distillate And Oil?

Oil is a raw extract that contains CBD and other compounds. The distillate is made from oil and contains only CBD, with trace amounts of other compounds.

How Is Distillate Made?

The distillate is made from extracted cannabis oil. The oil is purified to remove nearly all traces of everything other than CBD.

What Is The Difference Between Distillate And Tincture?

The distillate is a solvent extract that is refined to contain mostly CBD. A tincture is an alcohol extract of cannabis flowers that are very high in CBD.

What’s The Difference Between Distillate And Concentrate?

The concentrate is a very potent oil. The distillate is sometimes made from concentrate and is much more potent.

What’s The Difference Between CBD Distillate And Full Spectrum Cannabis Products?

Full Spectrum and CBD Distillate


CBD distillate contains almost no other compounds except for CBD. Full-spectrum products contain all of the compounds that are found in cannabis, including THC.

What Is A CBD Distillate Cart?

It’s a cartridge for a vaporizer that contains CBD distillate. “Cart” is short for a cartridge.

What Is A CBD Vape?

A CBD vape is a vaporizer that accepts a CBD cart and produces CBD vapors to be inhaled into the lungs.

What Is A CBD Syringe?

That’s a syringe without a sharp needle that contains a single dose of CBD to be taken by mouth.

How Do You Store CBD Distillate?

Store it in its original container in a cool and dark place away from children.

Is Distillate Better Than CO2?

This is a common question from people who don’t really understand what distillate and CO2 are. CO2 refers to an extraction technique. The process involves using CO2 to extract oil from cannabis. The distillate is made from the oil.

Does Distillate Have A Taste?

Distillate usually has no taste at all.

Is TrueClear A Distillate?

No, TrueClear is not a distillate. It is a concentrate that contains THC and CBD.

Final Thoughts

There are many different products that contain CBD. Now you know the differences between them all. You understand what CBD distillate can do for you and how to take it. We also talked about how some CBD distillates can fall short of your expectations. It is very important that you get your CBD distillate from an established and reputable company like The Ark Store.