CBD Hemp Direct’s Diverse Approach To Hemp Products

The Company In Brief

As a company, CBD Hemp Direct prides itself on providing high-quality hemp products. It has both CBD and CBG products. It describes itself as a compassionate advocate of CBD and CBG. The company provides honest and accurate information on hemp products. Accessing its website exposes you to a wide hemp product catalog. Yet, to access its website, you must be at least 18 years old.

CBD Savings

The company has a rewards program that helps users save money. The program allows you to unlock different rewards. Once you join as a member, you can access exclusive rewards. You also get to earn points for doing different tasks. Referring to your friends also earns you points. Your referrals also earn rewards when they join. The points are redeemable for exciting rewards. They can also come in handy when making a buy.

Product Range

CBD Hemp Direct has one of the widest range of hemp products. The two main categories are CBD hemp Flower and CBG Flower. Other categories include edibles, cigars, blunts, concentrates, trim, joints, kief, and hash. There are about 12 different products under the CBG flower label. The CBD flower label has over 19 different hemp products. Each of the products has a specific feature and make-up that make it unique.

When choosing a product, it is important that you know what you are picking. Sometimes it is difficult to make a choice. That is especially when you do not know anything about the products you are choosing. CBD Hemp Direct makes your work easier. Although it has a wide range of products, it has information to guide you in your product selection. Each product has information that goes beyond the name and price.


You will be able to know the type, lineage, aroma, and feeling resulting from a given product. That is helpful in finding what suits your needs at any particular moment. You can also find information about safety tests on each product.

CBD Hemp Direct also features Jazzy CBD and CBG products. This is a product line by Jasmin Cadavid. It features 12 products at different prices.

The Products Include

  • CBG Moon Rocks
  • Jazzy CBD Licorice
  • Peach Gummy and Jazzy CBD Pinklets Gummi
  •  Jazzy CBD #2 Hemp Hash
  • Jazzy CBD #2 Hemp Kief
  • Jazzy CBD Flower
  • Jazzy CBD Kief Joints
  • The Jazzy brand also has the Jazzy CBD #2 Hemp Flower and the Jazzy CBG Flower in its inventory
  • CBD Hemp Direct markets these products with Jasmin Cadavin’s brand.

From time to time, Hemp Direct launches new products. It announces new products through its news feature. Here, you can find blogs about new products. They also post about new sales. You can also find information about some new products on the market.


CBD Hemp Direct tries its best to operate within set regulations. The company’s products fall within the oversight regulations by bodies like the USDA. Test results for the products show compliance with the 0.3% THC requirements. Certificates of Analysis for hemp products show the company’s adherence to standards. CBD Hemp Direct takes all its products through comprehensive tests to ensure safety. It provides test results, which anyone can access.

Wholesale Business

CBD Hemp Direct has an option for people of businesses that wish to buy and sell hemp products in wholesale. Those wishing to take up wholesale offers need to open an account with CBD Hemp Direct. There are exclusive sale items for CBD wholesalers. The deals include bulk and pre-packed CBD joints, CBG flower, and CBD flower.

hemp usage

Yet, the company’s discount codes do not apply for items that are on sale. The company offers material to help customers navigate the product range with ease. There are a compliance ticket, CBD strain guide, and wholesale CBD flower video for customers. Suppliers can take advantage of the wholesale program.

Return Policy

CBD Hemp Direct has a return policy that is applicable for 30 days from buy. Once the 30 days lapse, a buyer cannot return a product for a refund or exchange. Further, if the return is within 30 days, the product returned must be in its original packaging. The customer also needs to present a receipt to prov buyse. The company strives to please clients. But, it requires clients to follow the policy for better understanding.

Not all return cases get full refunds. Some customers may get partial returns if return goods not in their original condition. The refund process requires an inspection of the products before accepting or rejecting the refund claim. The company processes refunds to customer credit cards once the inspection is complete. The company only makes product exchanges when goods are defective or damaged.

The customer will pay for the shipping costs for product returns. If you intend to return any product, remember to fact shipping costs into your plans.


It takes two days for the business to handle orders. For orders placed over the weekend or during holidays, it takes longer. The order processing system is on a first-come-first-served basis. The company contracts a reliable private carrier to ensure the products are secure. Where the carrier loses a package in transit, the company takes steps to recover it. If recovery is not possible, it files a claim with the insurance company. It will then resend your order at no extra charge.


CBD Hemp Direct provides extensive information about the CBD Flower. On the Hemp Direct website, there is information about different aspects of hemp. There is history, uses, benefits, and difference between hemp and cannabis. The company uses its website to educate the public about the hemp flower. It also educates about the different products of the hemp flower. Anyone seeking more knowledge about hemp can get it on the CBD Hemp Direct website.

According to CBD Hemp Direct, hemp has been around for centuries. It has served many uses throughout history. It has managed to travel and spread across the world. Yet, in recent decades, it has become a public enemy. That has been due to legislation that has prohibited its cultivation. Recent legislation seems to have opened the door for hemp growing in the US again. As a result, about 35 states have legalized hemp production.

CBD Hemp Direct explains more about industrial hemp and cannabis. It explains the main distinguishing feature that sets the two apart. Both cannabis and industrial hemp come from the cannabis Sativa plant. But, the CBD flower from hemp has THC while cannabis does not. CBD Hemp Direct has invested in developing its hemp product. It is proud to stock high-quality CBD flower that meets FDA regulations. The company continues to educate people about hemp, even as it invests in products. By highlighting the uses and benefits of hemp, it seeks to change the narrative around hemp use.

Hemp Direct also offers some interesting information about drug tests. The information concerns the growing trend of drug tests at work. It gives details on the levels of THC acceptable in urine tests. Different people can have different test results for the same intake. That depends on their use of the products. In this regard, the company advises taking the recommended doses for each product. The information the company provides comes from research. It is a positive thing to educate customers on the effects of the products. Guiding them on the use further helps the customers have control over their lives. They are able to avoid drug-related trouble at work or even in the community.

Its Effects

About Hemp

CBD Hemp Direct has a disclaimer against outcomes of drug use. The company discourages people from using any of the hemp products if they have to take a drug test. It advises that some decisions are worth more than the products you may want to consume. The company wishes you to be a customer. Yet, they also want you to keep stay away from their products if they are to have a negative effect on your life. This is a great show of concern and responsibility. It shows that the company is not only after your money. It also cares about your life.

In Brief

CBD Hemp direct has a presence in several states. It champions the responsible production and supply of hemp products within set regulations. The company has a very diversified range of goods. It has a very informative website where you can learn a lot about hemp and its products.

The company goes beyond stating the price of each product. The company delves deeper into describing the products and the effects they cause. Customers can base their buy decisions on the comprehensive information provided. The company also makes an effort to educate people about drugs as well as its products.

The company wants to generate high revenues and profits. Yet it also tries to discourage people from using the products if they would cause a big impact on their lives. The company thus shows great responsibility in educating people.