Full Spectrum CBD Distillate Oil Under 0.3% & Delta-9 THC

For many years there has been a lot of different opinions circulating when it comes to CBD. Is it safe, is it legal, what’s the best way to take it, etc.? Every day it seems we are learning something new about CBD, and to that end, we delve into something new: setting the record straight about what distillate CBD is and why we should consider using it from day-to-day.

Hemp plants have been used medicinally and grown for thousands of years, but it has only been in a few recent years where we have begun to extract CBD from the plant, which is all but a simple task.

One of the newest ways to do this process is through the art or process of what is known as distillation, and it is changing the entire way we are looking at the industry.

Not only is there CBD distillation, but there is THC as well, and it is being said that this process is going to be where the future of THC and CBD are heading. However, no one knows what distillate is and why it is so superior, among other things, on the current market.

Full Spectrum CBD Distillate Oil

What is CBD distillate?

Distillation, in general, has a proper definition that states that this is a process where you purify a particular liquid by heating it to a boiling temperature and then cooling it down rapidly, or it is a means of extraction where you take out the essential part of a particular substance.

When it comes to distillate of CBD, this means that you are getting cannabis and cleaning the concentrates from the plant more than any other CBD concentrates are on the market because they are purified down to a molecular level. Because it is purified in such a way, it is one of the most potent types of cannabis concentrates that you can get.

When you distillate cannabis, it means that you are extracting cannabinoids out of it to offer a CBD concentrate product that is incredibly potent, pure, can be used for many different things. When it comes to how you apply it, the options are many.

THC and CBD Distillate

Distilling cannabis refers to both the process of CBD and THC distillation that comes from the hemp flower or marijuana plant. Whether you are taking CBD or THC out of the plant, cannabis distillation will ensure that your finished concentrate will contain about 80% or more of that in its final product. The rest of the product is other natural oils and plant extracts that are found in the hemp or marijuana plant.

Cannabis Distillate

How do you make Cannabis Distillate?

Both CBD and THC distillates are made differently than other concentrates from cannabis are made. Though this process is very complicated, there is an essential way to explain and understand it.

In its very basic form, CBD and THC distillation happens when you use a specific container and put the solution in it to then heat it to an unusually high temperature.

Once heated up this high temperature, the solution will begin vaporizing a specific part of the solution, but that compound will not be destroyed.

The compounds that were vaporized then get condensed and put back into the liquid.

When it comes to CBD and THC, you will start with a boiling flask, ahead of where the condensation goes, and a bottle in which the solutions will be collected. Cannabis will be poured into the boiling container and begin to get hot.

Once it reaches a specific temperature, it will release a condensation that will go through the vapor head. This vapor head will then turn that vapor into a liquid. The liquid is then pushed into the collection flask. The finished products are CBD and THC components that are entirely isolated and purified forms of THC and CBD.

CBD isolate

Differences between Distillate CBD and CBD isolate

There are so many forms of CBD and THC on the market that is can become overwhelming, trying to figure out which type of concentrate they should get for their needs.

Choosing a distillate or an isolate is entirely dependant on what you are going to use it for, what you hope your outcomes are at the end, and what type of substance you prefer.

CBD may seem that it is more effective because it comes in such a highly refined, pure form. However, distillate CBD can have more benefits that CBD isolate because it works along with remaining cannabinoids in the distillate CBD.

There are two primary cannabinoids, CBN and CBG, that are removed out of the isolate that is very beneficial due to their anti-bacterial and pain-relieving properties. Distillate keeps these cannabinoids, which means they can offer a more significant effect on the user.

CBD distillate vs. full spectrum

Just as there are differences between distillate and isolate, there are also differences when it comes to the CBD distillate vs. full spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD oil can be made in many different methods and are very versatile, which means they can offer a wide variety of compounds.

The excellent part of full-spectrum oil is that they can give you a whole entourage of sound effects and have almost all of the medical benefits that cannabis has. Because it is an immaculate and versatile form of the hemp flower, it has a taste that resembles hemp in its original way.

Distillate oil may be more potent, though that does not mean that it gives you all of the health benefits that full-spectrum can provide you as it is not as close to its natural form as full-spectrum is.

It is easy to produce, unlike full-spectrum. Distillate can also be mixed with different flavors so that you do not taste the basic taste or feelings as you would feel with full-spectrum oil.

Distillate vs. tincture

Distillate vs. tincture

A lot of people that are new to the world of CBD think that there is not much difference in distillate vs. tincture as they look very much alike when they are side by side, but they are entirely different from one another.

CBD is a liquid in both of these forms, but that is the only similarity the two substances have. Distillate CBD has the most intense, puree extracts of CBD that you can get. Meanwhile, with a tincture, you do not extract anything. Instead, you infuse activated cannabis into the solvent.

You would take the tincture CBD under the tongue along with food and drinks, which will help highlight the tincture’s natural tastes. Distillation is a very long process and can be complicated, while the tincture form is very straight-forward and easy to do.

How to take Distillate CBD

Since this process purifies CBD directly from the hemp flower, it can be used in many different products and provide several different uses. The distillate of CBD is an excellent option for vaping.

You can not smell it unless you purposefully add in smell or a flavor so you can vape it anywhere. Since it is very potent, you do not need much in the vape, so it lasts for a long time, and its strong potency means that you will feel the effects almost as soon as you inhale.

It is also potent in a syringe. Since it can have substantial effects in a small amount, you can order sterile syringes and out it directly into your bloodstream to feel an immediate beneficial effect.

The distillate is also an excellent additive for creams and lotions as it will seep into the bloodstream and help give relief to aches and pains caused by conditions like chronic pain, arthritis, muscle soreness, etc.

Should you get CBD distillate wholesale or bulk

You can quickly go onto the internet and find reputable companies that sell CBD distillate wholesale or bulk. Companies like industrialhempfarms are dedicated to giving their customers a distillate that is high-quality and comes at a reasonable price.

The distillate is very potent, so you do not have to take much for it to work, but sometimes it is smarter to buy quantities in bulk and have it then have to continue ordering it every two weeks. You can get your distillate at a wholesale price in many different forms, including edibles, vape oil, creams, lotions, etc.

Distillate CBD FAQs

Does Distillate CBD get you high?

The distillate, if done the proper way, will only contain the appropriate amount of THC at 0.3% or less. Even though it is such a small amount, you could still experience a minor “high” feeling. It is rare that this happens but is not unheard of.

Is distillate the same thing as full-spectrum CBD?

Distillate and full-spectrum are very similar but not quite the same thing. Full-spectrum has all of the health and mineral benefits that come straight from the plant without having any THC traces in there. The distillate has some of the benefits though many are removed during the extraction process.

Distillate CBD

What is the difference between isolate and distillate?

CBD distillate can contain a higher amount of THC content and has some beneficial cannabinoids remaining in it. Isolates are a completely pure form with no trace of THC left in it and no cannabinoids remaining once or ever. A strain is typically in a powder form, while distillate is a potent oil.

What is the difference between tincture and distillate?

Distillate and tincture CBD look just alike, but that is their only similarity. Distillate means that cannabinoids are extracted, so it is in its purest form. The tincture has additives put into the CBD instead of extracted.

Is TruClear a distillate?

TruClear is a distillate of CBD. It is made using the purest ethanol possible, which leaves you with the purest form of distillate CBD that you can get on the market.

How do you store distillate?

You should keep your distillate out of direct sunlight, keep it in a dry, dark, room temperature area. You should not keep your distillate in a hot place or an area that gets heat to it like a cabinet over a stove.

You should also keep it in an airtight container as too much exposure to air will cause it to start degrading. Every time you open the box to get some out, make sure you reseal the container immediately to limit how much air gets in.

Full Spectrum distillates

What is the difference between CBD oil and distillates?

Distillates are an extract that has no flavor or aroma. It is a blank slate unless you add flavors or additional strains to it. The oil resembles the hemp flower more closely and has characteristics of it in there. The oil tends to have a higher trace amount if THC than the distillates do.

What are distillate carts?

Distillate carts are the oils that you put in your vape to smoke. The oil is potent, and you will feel effects from it fairly quickly after you inhale it.

Are distillates better than Co2?

It is hard to say that one is better than the other, as they are so different. Distillates typically have a smoother taste and more potent effects than Co2 oil does, which Co2 is cheaper and has a wider range of flavors than distillates do.

Does distillate have a taste?

Unless it has flavors added into it, distillate CBD is tasteless and odorless.

Final thoughts on Distillate CBD strains

Though CBD and the process of extracting it is nothing new, distilling CBD is one of the latest methods on the market. Distillate CBD is one of the latest ways to get your CBD. Still, the technique is already one of the most popular methods that are being used both among manufacturers and producers alike and is becoming more and more popular among consumers as well.

It takes advanced machinery and technology to do it the right way, which means there are going to have to be significant changes that happen in the CBD industry as the process of distilling cannabinoids like CBD and THC expands. However, this is the method that will provide consumers with the purest and one of the most potent products that they can legally buy on the market right now.