Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower – Buy A Sativa Dominant strain

Each CBD strain has its own properties and personality. You have to know each well so that you know what you’re getting, like with the Hawaiian Haze CBD flower. This is one of the most exotic CBD strains out there, and its name is wrapped in mystery.

The mystery is no one knows where the strain came from. Some say it was developed on the volcanic soil in Hawaii. No one is denying this myth, especially since the strain has strong tropical flavors.

Quick Facts To Keep In Mind

You should know the following about Hawaiian Haze CBD hemp flower:

Quick Facts

  • This strain has 0.28 percent of THCV.
  • You can find about 0.09 percent of CBG.
  • It has a total of 18.79 percent of CBD.
  • You get 0.3 percent of THC.
  • The Hawaiian Haze has 010 percent of CBC.

Talking About Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower Genetics

  • It is hard to figure out where the strain was developed, but you can know what it’s made of. People often call it the Sativa-dominant CBD option.
  • For those who don’t know, a Sativa-dominant strain is more energizing than relaxing. Sure, some people may feel peaceful, but most people will feel productive or creative.
  • A person who plans to use CBD in the morning should stick to a strain like the Hawaiian Haze. You’ll find both Haze and Hawaiian strains in this specific blend.

Diving Into Appearance and Quality

You may be worried about the appearance and quality of this CBD strain. As far as appearance, this one stands out. You get many different sized buds.

Some of the buds look like popcorn while others look like regular nugs. Having these sizes available is good news. Keep in mind that a large nug will have about two grams of the Hawaiian Haze.

The colors you see depend on the size of the bud. If you choose smaller buds, you might see dark green or even purple hues. If you choose a larger bud, you’ll probably see light green hues. You might see a few orange pistils, but that’s normal for this kind of strain.

One of the most peculiar things about the Hawaiian Haze is its trichome content. This creates a sparkling effect that photographs beautifully. If you notice these types of vibrant colors, you’re getting high-quality Hawaiian Haze.

Good bud is also going to have some moisture, and that’s what you have here. This is why you’ll feel a fair amount of stickiness when you handle the Hawaiian Haze. The moisture content is going to make it easier to grind.

Focusing On The Flavor

The flavor is important when it comes to choosing a CBD flower. This is especially true for beginners.

The good flavor makes it easier for beginners to use the CBD flower. You’ll love to find out that the Hawaiian Haze has a sweet, fruit-like smell. This smell makes you anticipate the experience. Yes, some people will notice an earthy scent, but it takes a while for your nose to detect that.

Hawaiin Haze products

Now, when you taste it, you are going to be surprised. The smell is different from the flavor of the flower.

When inhaling, you’ll taste something a little spicy, which is going to be exhilarating. Once you exhale, you’ll taste something more herbal. Both flavors are tame, so they should be easy to get used to unless you don’t like spiciness. There’s a chunk of people who can’t handle a bit of spice. Try to keep that in mind before using the product.

Folks who don’t normally inhale spicy flavors might feel like this flavor is too harsh. You might even experience that itchy-throat feeling. If you don’t want these kinds of sensations, take Hawaiian Haze in moderation. Test it out before you start taking a regular amount.

Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower Effects

  • Everyone wants to know what is going to happen when using Hawaiian Haze. Since it is a Sativa, you know you’ll get an energizing feeling. If you limit your dosage, you might experience a more relaxing sensation. Since this is such an energizing strain, even if you feel relaxed, you won’t feel sleepy.
  • Once you take that first puff, you are going to feel a cooling sensation. This is the most common sensation associated with the product. It’s something that makes you think of that beautiful island in the Pacific.
  • People experiencing some discomfort or pain use this strain to relieve some of that pain. Hopefully, you won’t have to use it for these purposes, but it’s good to know.
  • The positive sensations you feel will not be overpowering. They won’t make you feel like you are intoxicated. All you are getting is a feel-good sensation. You might get some clarity and focus. You should have an easier time overcoming fatigue symptoms.

Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower

Of course, beginners should start with a small dosage to see how their bodies react. It’s no secret that CBD flower strains could have different effects on each person. This is something people are learning as CBD use rises. You’ll want to know how the Hawaiian Haze will affect you before using a bigger dosage, just to be safe.

Since this is a relaxing strain, you might benefit from the following:

  • You could fight anxiety more effectively.
  • That restlessness you feel could go away or be more controllable.
  • Folks dealing with headaches might benefit.
  • Stress affects a good chunk of Americans, and now you can do something to fight it.

You should talk to your doctor before making any major changes in your life. If you want to take Hawaiian Haze CBD for a medical purpose, then make sure you talk to your doctor about it. He or she will help track how your body reacts to this strain.

The last thing you have to figure out is where to buy your Hawaiian haze CBD flower. There’s a lot of options out there, but it’s advisable to stick with a reputable source. You want to see good reviews and an array of products from the site you buy from, like gummies, oils, and buds.