Plain Jane CBD – A Destination The Most Affordable CBD & Hemp Flower

Today, anyone using plain jane CBD products will prove to you they are the best and affordable. Plain Jane is a company that makes CBD hemp flower products with more than 75,000 customers in the United States of America.

Why Plain Jane

Plain Jane enjoys the originality of being the first company to create the first low smell CBD cigarette. The company employs the use of the curing process to remove the traditional cannabis smell. Its hemp cigarettes taste comes from its cover paper, which is free of tobacco and nicotine.

Plain Jane Products

With affordable company pricing, customers can access a wide variety of products such as CBD hemp flower, CBD joints, CBG flower, and cigarettes.

CBD hemp flower is a legally classified hemp according to FDA Regulation due to its 0.3% of THC or less. Its branded products from plain jane include 1 Oz Small CBD Buds, Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower, CBD Moon Rocks, Golden Cherry (Indoor) Hemp Flower, among others.

CBG flower has a high content of Cannabigerol (CBG), known as the Mother Cannabinoid.they have an aroma with hints of chamomile and piney fresh mountain air.CBG won’t get you high because they are non-psychoactive. The product is available in the packs of Grapefruit Durba and Original Glue (GG4) (fka Gorilla Glue).

CBD Cigarette

This cigarette made up of hemp containing cannabidiol with a little amount of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol. Plain jane produces pleasurable, discreet, sleek CBD cigarettes. It has a low smell making it the best CBD product in the market.

Plain Jane CBD Cigarettes

Some of the CBD cigarettes brands include; Hemp PreRolls, Eighth Pack CBD Pre-rolled Joints, CBD Flower Pre-rolled Joints, and King Palm Leaf Mini CBD Blunt Sampler Pack.

Plain Jane provides an Eighth Pack CBD Pre-rolled Joints with strains such as otto, lifter wife, kush Elektra, and many more.

Getting Plain Jane In Your Store

Plain Jane has an elaborate method through which customers can access the product and stock them as wholesalers.they start by providing a price list for wholesalers on their website. There is also a newly launched market place that can allow you to buy direct products from the farmers. The company also has an email in which you can query any question regarding the products (

Should You Trust Plain Jane Or Not

To begin with, Plain jane product CBD is legal; this may come as a shock to many people wondering how a product derived from a marijuana-related plant can be regal. the product is licensed in 50 united states because it does not contain THC, a product in marijuana that causes psychoactive effects

There are plenty of advantages that derived from everyday Jane products; to begin with, and the CBD products do not cause any phycological weakness as opposed to the standard cannabis product, which causes tension and apprehension. Plain Jane products are clinically prepared to treat inflammatory disorders. And irritational based illness.

Plain Jane CBD beauity

On the other side, if your work involves being awake for too long, or you enjoy awake for long, Plain Jane CBD will make it harder.CBD contains cannabidiol, which reduces sleep when used in higher quantities. This mostly would apply to the new users who drive a lot or uses pieces of equipment that take measurements for quality.

What Do Customers Say

Plain Jane prides itself on having the best products to its customers with the best prices. The company works very hard to make sure the customer expectations are met with quality. The company engages in shipping and packaging to ensure that they get the best with the hemp flower. The use of a trust pilot ensures that the company receives correct and honest reviews.

The following are some of the customer reviews.

Timothy Mcguire

Exceeded My Expectations

Saw the Plain Jane Hemp Rolls review by Beyondthebuds, so I figured I would try them…. they exceeded my expectations. Will purchase again

Alex Lozada

Didn’t receive my order cause was a…

Didn’t receive my order cause was a “wrong address. ” The speech was correct instead of telling me they didn’t deliver to the area.

I Ride Too

Super fast shipping!

Super fast shipping!! I ordered on a Friday before memorial day. It was on my doorstep in 3 days from the left coast to the right coast. Awesome!!!

Beautiful flower just as pictured on site.

Joseph Thompson

Phony pictures of the product

Great product I wish they would take an actual photo of the product they send you. not a picture of real cannabis then send you a different thing the product does work

Plain Jane CBD Review

Plain Jane Discounts And Coupons

Plain Jane offers a permanent 20% discount for persons who have served in the U.S military; the program has more than 150 people enrolled.

Whenever you are shopping with Plain Jane, always look up for different discounts on the product list. The website updates offer every day, and the latest offer is presented to you on the website. Copy any discount code during shopping and paste it during checkout on the website. There are products with a total offer, deals coupon codes free shipping, and special offer.

Are Whats The Payment Options?

Payments can be made via direct deposit, credit card, and PayPal. Through PayPal, payments can be made by selecting credit cards at PayPal checkout.

Shipping procedure

Plain Jane offers free shipping for domestic orders over $30 sent using USPS First class shipping. If you want the product sooner, you will have to pay for other shipping methods. An email, together with a tracking number, is sent to the buyer once the product ships.


The company does not offer refunds for shipping costs. When you want to return a product to the company, you first write an email to, informing the company you wish to return the product, which should be within the seven days limit.with the tracking number specified in the email for items of more than $75.

The company advises customers to use a trackable shipping service or insurance when the company receives an unopened product, the process of refunding starts.

Plain Jane Future

The Plain Jane brand has received quite a warm welcome by its customers with its quality and one line of the product, yet with many variances, the company dream of growing in undoubtedly undeniable.